Individualizing Medicine
From Innovation to Integration


In an era where healthcare is rapidly transforming, the Mayo Clinic Individualizing Medicine Conference stands at the forefront, championing increased accessibility, convenience, and precision in patient diagnostics. This conference is dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of population omics, digital omics, functional omics, and rare disease omics, and their vital role in patient care.


A special video message about this year's conference from Mira Keddis, MD, the Director of Education for the Center for Individualized Medicine.


Philip Landrigan, MD, Director of the Program for Global Public Health and the Global Observatory on Planetary Health at Boston College, will discuss his work on toxic chemicals, pollution and their impact on human health, specifically with infants and children. His contributions to patient care are outstanding, particularly in children's health, environmental health, and occupational medicine. His research has directly influenced patient care practices and public health policies, leading to significant improvements in health outcomes.

Tania Simoncelli, MS, Vice President of Science in Society of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, brings her wealth of expertise and leadership in the intersection of science and societal impact. With a profound commitment to patient-centered biomedical research, Simoncelli's transformative initiatives, notably the Rare As One Project, underscores her dedication to fostering collaborative efforts that propel research forward and her quest for improved diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases.

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