Pre/Post Sessions

Pre-Conference Sessions

Pharmacogenomics: A Practical Approach for the Modern Health Care TeamTuesday, September 11, 2018

In Collaboration with Mayo Medical Laboratories

Course Directors

Ann M. Moyer, MD, PhD, Wayne (Nick) T Nicholson, MD, PharmD & Eric T Matey, PharmD, RPH

Course Description

Pharmacogenomics (PGx), the study of how one’s genes may affect an individual’s response to medication, has reached the translational stage for various specialties in medicine. Over thirty years of research has led to promising advances in the clinical practice. Mayo Clinic experts, with experience leading the implementation of pharmacogenomics, will provide practical guidance on a range of topics and case-based lectures.

Target Audience

Pharmacists, nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, genetic counselors and any other members of the patient care team.

Post-Conference Sessions

Friday, September 14, 2018

Great XXpectations in Women’s Health Research

Sex is a fundamental component of individualized medicine. However, because historically most research was done on men and little attention was paid to sex-based differences, women have experienced significant disparities in their care and health outcomes. Fortunately, the understanding of the importance of sex has been evolving and great things are happening in women’s health research, both on an international and national level, as well as locally at Mayo Clinic. This session will highlight current work as well as XXpectations for the future of women’s health research.

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