There are additional "add-on" pre- and post-conference workshops designed to augment the core conference content, facilitate networking and offer in-depth discussions on specific areas of interest.

Pre-conference course

A pre-conference course on genomic medicine is being planned. Check back later for more details.

Post-conference workshops

Post-conference workshops are being planned and will be available at no extra charge.

Epigenomics to Practice

This workshop provides an overview of Mayo Clinic efforts to translate concepts and methodologies from the field of epigenomics to medical practice.

Emphasis is on presenting and discussing new discoveries in the areas of disease mechanisms, diagnostic and prognostic markers, and recent advances in the area of epigenetic pharmacology. Participants gain insights into how the rapidly emerging field of epigenomics is being applied to modern medicine.

Biomarker Discovery at Mayo Clinic

This workshop provides an overview of Mayo Clinic efforts to translate newly discovered biomarkers from the discovery phase through validation and into clinical practice.

Starting with an important clinical dilemma, the Biomarker Discovery Program at Mayo Clinic has a main goal of discovering and validating panels of biomarkers that can be incorporated in clinical assays and aid clinicians in resolving the proposed dilemma.

To accomplish this task, the Biomarker Discovery Program combines expertise in diverse fields such as pathology, surgery, molecular biology, and bioinformatics and biostatistics. Studies are initiated through a careful design that is informed by such multidisciplinary expertise and often includes a discovery step through an appropriate "omic" approach followed by extensive validation experiments.

Once a biomarker panel is identified and validated, the Biomarker Discovery Program collaborates closely with clinical labs in the Mayo Clinic Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology to translate the panel into clinical settings.

Pharmacogenomics and the Microbiome

Details coming soon.